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About Us

Nannies on Wheels is a social enterprise project that provides on-demand, ad hoc nanny services on-the-go. Your convenience and economy, and the safety and well-being of your beloved children are the key prerequisites guiding the planning of our services. We also seek to make a positive social impact by providing gainful and meaningful employment to our nannies. 
Nannies on Wheels operates on the following social mission: To match the gap between a hidden pool of caregiver talent in our society, and the increasing demands among working parents for a creative yet timely and professional nanny service. 
As parents of young children ourselves, we understand first-hand the challenges of working couples. We hope that you as a parent and your young ones will enjoy our services!

Convenient and cost-effective for parents

We provide ad hoc services that are timely and cost-effective. This means that you pay only for what you need, when you need it most.
We bear in mind your child's social and intellectual needs when designing activities, such as outdoor games, storytelling, art and craft, and group sing-a-longs for young ones.
We provide balanced, healthy meals for young children according to the duration of the service. We try our best to cater to special feeding requirements. 

Tapping on a latent pool of nannies

Caring for children is a skill requiring both a heart for the young as well as a head of practical wisdom and skills. Our Educarers come from diverse backgrounds and each of them must meet this head and heart criteria.
Our Educarers are retirees, single mothers and seniors, who have years of practical experience raising their own children and those of others. Above all, our Educarers must demonstrate genuine care for children and the ability to put your young one's best interests at heart.
Mind of wisdom
We believe that equipping our Educarers with the right skills enables them to not only do a better job, but to also find greater satisfaction as caregivers. Happy Educarers means happy children! 

Our Founders

Working women/mothers. Different skills. One passion.
To give nothing but the best to their children.
We believe that you as parents share this passion too!

Jenny Ng

Former web architect
“I lived and breathed web design...until my daughter Ally came along. She is now my living, breathing passion.”
My family, my inspiration
“My only daughter Ally, age 3, inspired a change in my life's priorities. Ally is truly a gift from heaven to us. She reminds my husband, Ivan, and I of how precious and beautiful life could be. 
“With Ally, I became aware that there are many parents out there, just like us, who love their children dearly and want the best for them. But in dual-income households, parents are often unable to give their very best to their children. Which is their time and personal care.”
Embarking on the journey
“Parenthood is a journey. As a mother of an only daughter, I can understand and empathize with the struggles of bringing up young children. Juggling careers with parental and marital responsibilities is a common yet weighty challenge especially for first-time parents.
“In November 2012, I decided to have my second child – a social enterprise project. Together with my partners and fellow multi-tasking mothers, Henei and June, 'Nannies on Wheels' was born. I'm grateful to be on this new journey with these like-minded parents. 
“I've also received a lot of support from my friends and peers. Their practical help and advice have given 'Nannies on Wheels' that extra push for its journey.”
My vision
“I decided to devote my time to learning more about parenting and family education by enrolling in Master of Education in Family Education with the University of Minnesota (UMN). Come end-2014, I will be a certified parent educator. 
“The decision to upgrade my skills and knowledge was not done on a whim or fancy. My passion and vision is to see myself growing by being involved in social enterprises that enrich my local community. 
“My vision is that NoW could, in some way, contribute to a better society, starting with young families.”

June, Lawan Tangsakul

Former design engineer
“Moving from workplace ergonomics to home economics was definitely challenging. Yet it has been  more rewarding than I could have ever imagined!”
My family, my inspiration
“I'm the proud mother of two lovely children, with one more along the way! My husband, Lim Fong, and I have a four-year old boy, Charlie, and a two-year old girl Gwen. 
“Family is so precious. I really appreciate the help I've received from my in-laws and helper. This has allowed me to be a mother to my children. 
“I therefore know how important it is for parents to receive the help they need. This will free them to focus on the most important thing: nurturing their children's social and emotional growth.”
Life at work and home
“I was a Human Factors engineer specialising in ergonomic design for mission critical operations such as the police force and fire brigade. I loved my job. But the pull of motherhood was too great.
“Since leaving the workforce, I have honed my talents in home economics. Such as cooking, baking and singing! I now 'specialise' in Hi-5 songs and playing 'pretend cooking' with Charlie and Gwen. These are different skills altogether. But for sure, it's no less easier or fulfilling than being an engineer.”
Understanding the challenge of child care 
“When my son came along, we realised how important it was to find the right child care center for him. We didn't want to put undue stress on Charlie by moving him around different places. So we wanted to find the right one from the start! This was definitely not an easy task.
“With this experience as a parent, the concept of 'Nannies on Wheels' resonated strongly with me. When I met Jenny, I saw the passion and vision she had for a social enterprise providing a quality child care service and empowering parents. I knew then that I wanted to be on board this meaningful and fulfilling venture.”

Special Thanks

The creative mind behind the Nannies on Wheels’ branding and design is Anne Ng. Inspired by the passion of her big sister, Jenny, and with fond memories of their happy childhood years in a family of five siblings, Anne committed to the mission of Nannies on Wheels as a volunteer. Anne, herself a mother of three and Creative Director by profession, contributes her design talent to craft the Nannies on Wheels’ logo and brand identity.
“To capture the spirit and devotion of Nannies on Wheels’ founders was my greatest challenge,” says Anne, “so I chose to express the happiness and joy they bring to every child in their care – and each parent too, because as a Mum I do know that my one true happiness is to trust my children are happy, safe and sound”.
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